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AET Events

To book

To book a place on any of our events, please visit: www.bournemouthcpd.co.uk


AET Tier 1 training : £15 per person

AET Tier 2 training : £100 per person

Dorset launch of AET and Tier 1 : no charge

Autism Conference: Professionals £100 per day, Parents £50 (day 2 only)

The costs for schools for in house training;

Tier 1, £140 plus £3 per person for materials and certificate

Tier 2, half day of training, £250 plus £7.50 per person for materials and certificate

Tier 2 and 3, full day training, £500 plus £7.50 per person for materials and certificate



AET Tier 1 training 

[view pdf flyer]

Basic autism awareness training for all staff within school-age education
settings, mainstream and specialist services. It will support participants to:

  • Identify the four key areas of difference that need to be taken into
  • Know the importance of understanding the individual pupil and their profile of strengths and areas for development.
  • Identify the key areas to help pupils on the autism spectrum build
    positive relationships with staff, peers, families and people in their
  • Develop an awareness of the sensory and communication differences that pupils may experience.


For more information on AET training visit: www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk

The event will be held at Springwood Campus, Springwater Road, BH11 8HB from 4:00-5.30pm on the following dates:

2017: 28th September and 19th October


AET Tier 2 training 

[view pdf flyer]

A full day course providing practical knowledge, hands-on tools and techniques for all practitioners working directly with school-age pupils (aged 5-16) on the autism spectrum, in both mainstream and specialist services. The day will:

· Enable practitioners to develop their  knowledge and understanding of good autism practice.

· Provide guidelines and activities to support practitioners, allowing them to reflect on, and improve their own practice. Attendees for Tier 2 training do not have to have attended Tier 1 training. You will only need to attend one of the listed dates.

Nationally recognised certificated course with training materials.

For more information on AET training visit: www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk


These networks will be held at the Bournemouth Learning Centre from 9:00am-4:00pm on the following dates:

2017: 28th September and 12th October


Dorset AET Launch and Tier 1 training 

[view pdf flyer]

The purpose of the launch is to introduce Head Teachers, Members of SLT, SENCos and INCOs to Linwood School as the Bournemouth Poole and Dorset training programme providers for the Autism Education Trust. Linwood School is licensed by the South West Hub, Fosse Way School to deliver the AET training programme. Attendees at the Launch will become familiar with:

  • Autism Education Trust training programme and materials
  • AET School Competency Framework
  • Development of autism related CPD for all staff
  • Tier 1 training—Making sense of autism

 For more information on AET training visit: www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk

 These networks will be held at the Wessex Royale Hotel, Dorchester, DT1 1UP from 1:30-5:00pm on the following date:

2017: 6th October 


Autism Conference

From acceptance to understanding; How can I create an autism friendly environment? 

[view pdf flyer]

Day 1  Autism Education Trust Training, Tier 2 or 3

Delegates can choose to attend either option 1 or option 2.

 Option 1

a.m Tier 2 Extending Good Autism Practice. Delegates will deepen their understanding of theories of autism and consider the implications for practice; advancing their skills in developing strategies to facilitate   progress and achievement; enable practitioners to reflect on their practice and share their enhanced knowledge more widely across their organisation.

p.m Progression Framework, an interactive tool designed to support staff in identifying learning goals and measuring progress for pupils on the autism spectrum in areas specific to their individual needs.     Delegates will develop their understanding of how the progression framework relates to the broader       educational context.

 Option 2

Tier 3 Leading Good Autism Practice. This one day session is designed for staff who have a leadership role that includes responsibility for developing provision for pupils on the autism spectrum within a school setting. The training will: Provide delegates with the tools to audit staff skills and identify training need.  They will develop skills and knowledge so that they can support their organisation to meet/exceed the    requirements of external reviewers such as Ofsted and be compliant with legislative requirements.


Day 2  Voices from the spectrum: Improving school experiences


  • Sandra Beale- Ellis: 'Perspectives of Pupil Voice ... How listening might impact our teaching’
  • Alex Evans: ‘Optimism in Autism - we are not so different you and I’
  • Anna Bartlett: Building relationships between school and home.
  • John Simpson:‘Education, Stress and Autism Friendly Environments.’ 


This event will be held at The Marsham Court Hotel, Bournemouth, BH1 3AB

Cost: Professionals £100 per day, Parents £50 (day 2 only)

Day 1 - 1st November 2017

Day 2 - 2nd November 2017

Book: www.bournemouthcpd.co.uk