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Inspired Educators (MENCAP TA Project)


MITA : Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Why should Senior Leadership teams deploy TAs more effectively ?

Previous research, notably the DISS Report (Blatchford et al 2009) has shown that schools are not making the most of these valuable members of staff.

Linwood TSA is pleased to offer further training using the MITA resources (www.maximisingtas.co.uk)

Q: Who is this training for ?
A: Senior Leadership teams, especially Headteachers, SENCos and Staff Managers

Q: What’s the core theme of the training ?
A: To ensure that all pupils receive high quality teaching as well as high quality support.

Who? Trainers are Sheila Smith, Advisory Teacher for TAs (Poole LA) and Steve Mason (Linwood TSA Lead)

When? Spring 2017 training now completed …… next training planned for November 2017

Where? vickystrutt@linwood.bournemouth.sch.uk

Cost? £60

How to book ? vickystrutt@linwood.bournemouth.sch.uk and CPD Online