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We have kept our website as simple and easy to use as possible.
We believe our resources should be open and available to all.


Links to help you

Nowadays both your computer and your browser software have a range of assistive technologies built into them. many helpful features The BBC site My Web, My Way – Making the web easier to use has a range of tips and guidelines to help you make the most of your browser or computer’s built in features.

This Website

Per the BBC’s recommendations, key images have an ALT attribute while decorative images have an empty ALT attribute. Logical use of H1 to H6 tags such that screen readers can construct a table of contents of our pages
Skip to main content link at the top of each page to facilitate users who can’t skip heading/navigation any other way
We will strive to provide captions or transcripts for any video content
We have ensured our main colours pass the WebAIM color contrast checker