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ICT at Linwood School

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is integral to teaching and learning at Linwood School. Technology is used to support lessons and help develop communication skills wherever appropriate. Across all school sites a wide variety of technology is used with the students these include:

  • Interactive Boards - All classrooms at Linwood, Springwood and Summerwood are equipped with interactive boards. These include both SMART boards and Clevertouch staff and students are able to interact using their fingers and special pens where appropriate.
  • Eye-Gaze - amazing technology which enables the user to interact with a computer screen simply by looking at it !
  • iPads - Sets of iPads are used across all campuses, with apps to support our younger learners, through to those preparing for examinations.
  • Laptops - Every class has access to laptops and the opportunity to learn computer skills, from using the basic functions to coding, and everything in-between.
  • Interactive floor and wall projectors - These allow students to access, control and manipulate a variety of programs using the movement of their hands or feet.
  • Programmable toys and robots.
  • 3D printing.

The majority of the students in the school follow the national curriculum, differentiated to a level appropriate to the ability of each pupil. Core ICT skills are taught alongside programing, algorithms, understanding of computers and e-safety. In Key Stage Four, pupils have the opportunity to take their Entry Level ICT accreditation. The European Computer Driving License is offered to students at Summerwood.