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Autism Spectrum (incl, Asperger's Syndrome)

Linwood Teaching School Alliance aims to provide high quality training for teachers and teaching assistants in mainstream primary and secondary schools and special educational settings. We offer in- house tailor made training in addition to open access training. Our workshops and presentations have been developed over many years and are based on identified good practice, practical experience, outreach support, working with parents, research and constantly updating our individual autism expertise.

Our autism specific training develops individual's expertise and ultimately improve the quality of teaching and learning; focuses on quality first teaching as an entitlement for all pupils, with some targeted and specialist interventions and supports staff in the delivery of lessons that enable pupils to maximise the learning opportunities.

We continue to develop our training and improve standards, as an important aspect of this drive we deliver Autism Education Trust training. We are sub contracted to the schools South East Hub, and have a licence to deliver all aspects of AET schools training courses. The programme is nationally recognised and supported by the DFE and the AET is referred to in the SEN Code of Practice (2014) as an approved training provider. It offers a process of certification for staff who have attended the training as a recognition of knowledge and skills, verified by AET. The programme is national but through delivery by hubs, it can respond flexibly to local needs. This makes it unique.

Further to this LTSA are running a pilot study to develop Autism Strategic Lead and Lead Practitioner roles in local schools. The model involves the whole school not only teachers and teaching Assistants but everyone including senior staff, caretaking, admin staff lunch time supervisors and kitchen staff. The model 'is therefore a whole- school rolling response, involving supporting, educating and developing the understanding of every member of the school community in order to enable schools to recognise the potential of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for raising standards of teaching and learning and give it a central role in the planning for improvement. Through this programme each school will be supported by LTSA to identify intended outcomes and suitable evaluation methods and develop the knowledge and skills for all staff through thetraining programme.