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Achievement for All


Achievement for All

Linwood TSA is pleased to work with AfA, one of our strategic partners, both within school and with our Primary mainstream neighbours.

This bespoke school improvement programme focuses on improving outcomes for children and young people. The framework is structured around four interdependent and interrelated elements.

Four Elements

Leadership of AfA: consolidating, supporting and developing a culture of distributed, inclusive and effective leadership throughout the school community.

High Quality Teaching and Learning: closing the attainment gap, by developing more effective teaching for all children in their classroom and more effective, holistic provision mapping.

Parent and Carer Engagement: aising aspiration and achievement, and removing barriers to learning by developing positive and constructive relationships between parents and carers and schools.

Wider Outcomes and Opportunities: securing children’s engagement across the curriculum and wider provision, developing behaviours for learning, attendance and well-being, and supporting pupils’ personal resilience

Intended Outcomes

To raise the aspirations, access and achievement of vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils.

Aspiration: ensuring school leaders, teachers and other professionals, parents, carers, children and young people have high expectations about what can and will be achieved

Access: enabling the removal of the barriers that can prevent some children from accessing learning and the wider opportunities the school offers

Achievement: increasing educational success or attainment that extends beyond exams to social, artistic, musical, sporting and leadership endeavours.

Linwood’s Role

Linwood is registered on the programme and has gained the Achievement for All Quality Mark, April 2014 for successfully improving outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged children. We were the first school in Bournemouth and the first special school in the South West to gain the Quality Mark.

Linwood has since been awarded Quality Lead Award which acknowledges ‘outstanding’ practice and outcomes and is awarded if schools have shown exceptional leadership throughout the programme.

Linwood's Headteacher Julie Jeanes is Linwood's nominated School Champion. Hilary Evans is the school's AfA Coach working in partnership with the school to develop an action plan that supports the implementation of the above four elements through highimpact and evidence based core interventions, supported by a series of tailored school driven activities.

Examples of coaching activities to date have included:

  • Structured Conversation training
  • Data tracking and analysis
  • Provision Mapping
  • Differentiation
  • Developing Case Studies
  • Effective Deployment of Teaching Assistants
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of intervention programmes
  • Teaching Assistants Appraisal
  • Leading group learning
  • Joint observations of teaching
  • Multi Agency Working
  • Behaviour Learning Walks
  • Focus Groups with pupils, parents, staff
  • Self-esteem questionnaires

For further information www.afa3as.org.uk or please contact Julie Jeanes, Head Teacher Juliejeanes@linwood.bournemouth.sch.uk